Single Jersey Fabric

Single Jersey Fabric

Single Jersey Fabric

It is a kind of weft-knitted fabric. We are single Jersey fabric manufacturers manufacturing fabrics in cotton knit and hosiery that is most commonly used for manufacturing t-shirts, tank tops, leggings, etc. However, the single jersey fabric has other applications too. As t shirt fabric manufacturer in Tirupur, we manufacture a wide range of cotton knitted hosiery single jersey fabric that feels soft, light, and breathable. Single jersey fabrics drape easily. We are knitted fabric manufacturers in India that manufacture single jersey fabrics using knitting machines with one row of needles. The quality of single jersey fabrics we produce is that they are slightly thinner and are stretchy, and have a V-pattern on the front side. We are t shirt fabric manufacturers manufacturing single jersey fabrics that are highly absorbent, breathable, and have an attractive drape.

We are t-shirt fabric suppliers in India supplying single jersey fabrics made with the finest quality yarns, and our knitted fabrics are highly in vogue. In addition, the yarns we use in producing single jersey fabric are compliant with export standards. We are hosiery fabric suppliers in Tirupur, manufacturing single jersey fabric using the circular knitting technique. We also ensure that single jersey cotton knitted and hosiery fabrics are sent for standard dyeing and processing houses to meet the buyer’s expectations.

Our single jersey fabric is also known as
Features of Pique fabrics manufactured by us:

  • Single jersey knit fabric
  • Plain jersey fabric
  • Circular knit fabric

Applications of pique fabric

  • Stockinette fabric
  • Jersey cloth fabric
  • Tricot jersey fabric


We make fabrics with utmost care and the proper techniques to ensure the finest quality of single jersey fabrics. Our single jersey fabrics are extensively used for making undergarments, leggings, nightwear, t-shirts, and much more.